Beyond Lead Generation: Alternative Landing Page Ideas

When we talk about landing pages on this blog, we’re usually talking about lead generation. Landing pages are one of the best ways to build leads—they are a page dedicated to that one specific purpose through the use of various CRO strategies.

The basic premise is:

  • Generate traffic from an ad or email
  • Send it to a landing page
  • Convert to a lead

But landing pages are more versatile than that. While lead generation of some kind is often the end purpose, there are many creative ways to use landing pages. Here are a few you could use.

  1. Provide a Personalized Welcome

A landing page is a simple way to provide a personalized welcome to your site, and you can create various versions in no time at all. In fact, you can easily set up dozens of landing pages for your website based on where the visitor arrives from.

For example, let’s say you are a regular guest poster. In the link in each article, link back to a dedicated landing page that welcomes visitors from that particular blog. In the landing page, you can refer to the topic of the article. The person will have clicked on your link because they read your article and engaged with it, and you can use your landing page to point them in the direction of more, such as other blogs you have published on similar topics.

Also, do this for your social media profile links. In each of your profiles, link to a dedicated landing page so that you can welcome visitors from Twitter, Facebook, etc. This allows you to tweak the page based on what your visitors are looking for when they arrive from each source. Facebook visitors may be looking for something completely different from LinkedIn visitors, and this is a quick way to provide them with a personalized page when they visit your site.

  1. Test Out a New Idea

Before you launch a new product, you might want to get some opinions on it and test the water to find out how popular it could be. Landing pages could help you do this.

Use a tool like Unbounce to quickly set up a landing page and present the idea in a simple format, then direct people to the page and ask for feedback. You can direct people from your email list or after they have made a purchase in your store, then ask them to provide feedback, perhaps by answering a simple question.

You could even ask them to sign up to get updates. If lots of people sign up, this could be a clear sign that the idea has promise—and you also have a list of targeted people who will hopefully become the first users. It’s a great way to find out how much interest there is in your idea, and a landing page can make it easy to do.

  1. Hiring

Unbounce wrote about this idea, and I thought it was a smart way to use landing pages creatively. Instead of asking for resumes for their job openings, they asked people to create landing pages convincing Unbounce to hire them. This is a creative way to get people to show what they can do rather than tell.


Granted, Unbounce is a landing page platform, so this might make more sense for them. You wouldn’t want to ask applicants to design a landing page for something completely unrelated. But it goes to show what you can do with the latest landing page software.

  1. Post-Subscription Greeting

Landing pages can also be useful after you have got the conversion. Once someone signs up to your email newsletter, for example, you’ve already got the lead. But now you can direct them to a new landing page to greet them. You will normally send a welcome email, and that’s a very good idea. But send them to a landing page as well and provide them with some bonus information such as a subscribers-only download or a list of resources. You could even ask them a question with a simple yes or no answer to generate some feedback while they are most likely to provide it.

  1. Encourage Referrals

Another similar idea is to use a landing page to encourage referrals after someone has purchased something from your store. This is when they are most enthusiastic about your product, so use this opportunity to get them to share the news. In its most simple form, you could set up a landing page not asking for their email but instead asking them to tweet about their purchase. Alternatively, offer them a discount on their next purchase if they refer a friend to your store.

  1. Run a Contest

You could also use a landing page to get entries to your latest contest. OK, this is still lead generation, but it does make it more interesting. A landing page provides a simple way to present the details of your competition, and it could encourage more people to enter.

run a contest

Create a clear and simple page complete with the usual elements: Images, a clear sign-up form, convincing copy. This works well because you can present all the details in a simple and easy-to-access format.

Get Creative with Your Landing Pages

There are probably dozens of creative ways to use landing pages, some of which you may already have tried yourself. Just keep these ideas in mind. Landing page building tools are now so easy to use, and once you get the hang of one, you can whip up landing pages in a few minutes. If you ever need a clear, distraction-free web page for a specific purpose, even if that does not involve building your list or selling your new product, think about whether a landing page could be useful.