Are Your Traffic Goals Realistic?

Web designers will often get a call from a client who wants to increase the traffic to his website. For some reason, business owners seem to think that if they just got more traffic then they’d make more money. But it doesn’t often work that way.

There are two sides to the traffic-conversion equation. The first side is the traffic. More is not necessarily better.

More important than heaps and gobs of traffic is reaching the right traffic. We call it targeted traffic. I’d rather get my sales pitch in front of 100 eyeballs of people who are looking for my type of service than to get in front of 1,000 eyeballs of people who aren’t. Those 50 people are more likely to buy what I have to offer. So think about who your potential customer is before you build your site and design it for the person who needs and wants your service offerings.

The second part of the traffic-conversion equation is conversion. All the traffic in the world won’t matter if you don’t convert it to sales. If your content doesn’t have a strong call to action and get visitors on your site to take action then it isn’t doing its job. Less traffic with a higher percentage of conversions is better than more traffic with a lower conversion percentage. You might make more money with 25% of a 1,000 visitors buying your red widget than you would with 50% of 200 visitors buying them, but your conversion percentage is better on the lower end of the scale. From there you can build your traffic to higher numbers if the market is present.

Let’s face it, if all you can find is 200 people in the world with a need and a desire for your product then it won’t matter if you increase your traffic. No interest is no interest.

The key to success on the Web is to have realistic goals to start with. That means traffic goals and conversion goals. Know your market and meet it at the point of need.