Are Static Websites Good?

A static website is a website whose content is static. That is, it doesn’t move, or more succinctly, no one is updating it.

One of the key elements to search engine rankings is getting the search engines to visit your website often and re-indexing it based on new content. That doesn’t mean you should rewrite every page on your website just so you can have the search engines returning to your website. I’m not even saying you should rewrite pages that rank poorly (though sometimes that is necessary).

What I am saying is that your content should be updating fairly often, but there are ways of doing that without rewriting your static pages.

Here are five ways to ensure that you invite the search engines back to your website often by adding new content that will get crawled and indexed and that increases your potential for getting more web pages ranked for your key terms.

  1. Write a blog – A blog does take time to maintain. Let’s be honest. But it is time well spent. A blog will give you fresh new content every time you write to it and each blog post is a separate web page so you increase your chances of being found in the search engines each time you update your blog. Don’t have the time to do it yourself? Hire a blog ghostwriter.
  2. Articles – Articles can also increase your search engine presence. If you don’t want to maintain a blog then write articles and update your website every so often with new articles.
  3. Add new products – If you have an e-commerce website, adding new products to your system adds new pages to your website. Each new product you add becomes a separate web page if you are using a shopping cart system where your customer clicks on a photo image or product description and sees that product on a page by itself before clicking a purchase button.
  4. Publish RSS feeds – RSS is a technology that allows you to publish other people’s content with little or no effort. If you have a blog and you have subscribers who read your blog regularly, they are reading through an aggregator, which is powered by an RSS feed. You can turn your website into an RSS aggregator and publish other people’s content on a web page devoted to those feeds. That content will get crawled and as long as you attribute your sources and link back to the feed originators you should not have any issues with the content owners. In fact, they’ll love any new traffic you send them.
  5. Add a widget – A widget is a piece of code you can add to your site that adds dynamic content, which is content that changes periodically on its own based on your instructions. Your widget can include your own original content or it can include content that others create or it can be a combination of the two.

Unique content added to your website often makes your site more crawlable and you’ll get more pages indexed in the search engines. More pages means more traffic and that can lead to more sales.

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