Are Squeeze Pages Really Necessary?

A squeeze page is a special website that is used to collect e-mail addresses for an e-mail marketing opt-in list. Many online marketers use them, but you can collect e-mail addresses in other ways. Squeeze pages are not really necessary.

However, if done well, they can be used to build a list fast. But to do that you have to drive traffic to the squeeze page in some way.

The search engines have taken a hard stance against squeeze pages in recent years. The major search engines refer to them as spam and have even tweaked their algorithms to limit the search impact of squeeze pages, sometimes even ranking them lower than they would otherwise deserve. In response to this action, many marketers have been getting more creative with their squeeze pages.

The best squeeze pages today use video, audio and multimedia and may even have multiple pages instead of just one. That’s because a single web page with a small amount of content is frowned upon by the search engines.

While squeeze pages are not a necessary marketing strategy, you can turn them into a useful tool by creating a small website for collecting e-mail addresses for your opt-in list. Be sure that your squeeze pages have at least the following characteristics:

  • More than just a small amount of text content;
  • Include a video, audio or multimedia presentation; studies show that more than half of the people who use the Web respond better to video than plain text.
  • Include a terms of service and privacy statement.
  • Flesh out your squeeze page into a two or three page mini-site.
  • Offer something in return for your site visitors’ e-mail addresses; offer a free download, a membership or something of value that people will want in exchange for their e-mail address.

Squeeze pages are not unethical, but the search engines want to see more content, not less. Do it right and you can collect e-mail addresses for your opt-in lists.