A (new?) search engine emerges… BING

Microsoft has recently revamped and re-branded their search engine. What was once simply msn, then live, has now become Bing. The comments are mixed, but I’m running into some forum comments that are just not giving the new brand a chance. Here are my comments –

People are saying that Microsoft just can’t compete in the search engine market. To that I say, everyone said Microsoft could never get into the gaming console market either. It was simply locked up by Sony and Nintendo. But now everyone either has an x-box or knows someone who does. Enough said.

I also love how everyone is making fun of the name, Bing. Dimitrovo . My favorite comments are those that post about the “dumb” name on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Think about it. I’m not a huge fan of the name either, but it’s no different than some of the sites we frequent every day.

We also know that Microsoft has deeper pockets than anyone in the search game and with a grudge against Yahoo! who knows what lengths they’ll go? Personally, I don’t care what the name of my search engine is. I just want it to find me what I’m looking for, and Google has always done that for me. However over the years I’ve come to find that I search differently than a lot of people. I can find what I want on google within seconds, while many of my clients & family members get frustrated after seeing me get the info so quickly. Who knows? Maybe Bing will be a big flop, but maybe not. Maybe Bing can become a major player.

There are 2 things that fuel innovation; Inconvenience & Competition. The only thing that happens if Bing gives Google a run is both companies start sprinting to be better and that’s a good thing for you and I.