A Blog Is Not Just For SEO

While a blog does make for a good SEO tool, that’s not all it is. Your blog should also serve as a branding and online marketing tool.

The great thing about a company blog is that it is flexible. You can make it anything you want it to be. The best blogs, however, have most of the following characteristics:

  • Unique and recognizable design
  • Written in a powerful and authoritative voice
  • Highly optimized for search engine traffic
  • Branded
  • Used to communicate with a definable niche audience (as opposed to preaching to that audience)
  • Consistent in message and tone
  • Easy to read and accessible to your audience (not too technical)
  • Informative; not used as an overt marketing vehicle

Let’s clarify that last point. While a blog is an excellent marketing tool, if you simply use it as an in-your-face marketing tool and every post is harping on the latest product or service you offer then it is nothing more than an online billboard. That’s not what the best blogs strive to be. Think of your blog as a two-way communication vehicle between you and your customers – or people you would like to become your customers.