7 Major Signs Your Company Needs A Professional Website Redesign

Professional Website RedesignCompanies are often so busy with the day-to-day tasks of taking care of clients and providing actual services that they often overlook one very important part of their company’s image: their website. Websites that don’t work, appear outdated or aren’t user-friendly will exasperate users looking for the products or services that businesses have to offer.

In many major cities, you’ll often see advertisements for long-established businesses that haven’t changed their television advertisement or logo since the seventies. The haircuts, clothing, logos and graphics all make the company seem obsolete and untrustworthy. The following are the online equivalent of relying on obsolete advertising. Take a look at some of the biggest customer complaints that might draw users away from your website.

Not Mobile-Friendly

Since more people are accessing the web via their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices than ever before, the most proactive companies are ready to serve them with easy-to-use, mobile-friendly interfaces. Companies that have barely-viewable websites when accessed on mobile devices, or worse, sites that crash the mobile browser, are going to lose potential customers quickly. Providing a mobile version gives the message that you take care of details and want to make things as convenient as possible for potential customers.

800 Pixel Width Site

With more than 98 percent of all monitors using high resolution, narrow 800 pixel websites should be a complete thing of the past. However, some sites have never bothered to update their site’s design to the much more common 1,024 or 1,680 pixel size. This makes their pages look lopsided and unprofessional.

Lack Of Fresh Content

When some companies start out, they create a simple, placeholder website that their hosting company automatically generates. When business takes off, however, the owners are often so busy growing and expanding, that they don’t take the time to update their web page. This gives the impression that their company is much smaller than it actually is.

If the last new item on your site is more than a few months old, this is not a good sign. Interaction with users is what Web 2.0 is all about. If your site isn’t constantly adding new content and providing ways to communicate with your visitors, your competitors will quickly take advantage of your lack of web savvy. Contact information should always be current, as well as “about us” pages. Adding a company blog and utilising professional blog writing services is a great way to improve your reputation within your industry and, more importantly, with your customers.

Poor Navigation and Cumbersome Interfaces

Well-built, intuitive websites have made users expect a system that gets them quickly to what they’re looking for. If your website uses an overly complicated graphical interface that adversely affects load times or has a disorganized navigational flow, impatient visitors will go elsewhere. If you sell widgets, your site should make it easy for users to find the widget sales page, information about widget repair and other topics they’re obviously looking for. For ecommerce sites, the checkout process is one of the most important aspects of the site. An irritating or confusing check out process could lose you a sale at the last minute.

Website Doesn’t Show Up In Search Results

If you use relevant keywords to search for your website in Google or Bing and your website doesn’t show up, you probably have a search engine optimization problem. Up-to-date search engine optimization is required to get the highest ranking possible. This is, after all, how potential clients would find your company online. A professional SEO marketing firm can help you quickly get your website’s content and structure up to the latest SEO standards.

Website’s Content Is Hardcoded

Older websites were often hardcoded, meaning the content was embedded in the code of each page. Business owners might have gotten used to living with typos, errors or out of date contact information or statistics because their site had hardcoded text on each page.

Thanks to content management systems, changing data on a webpage is easier than ever. If your site is not using one of these systems, there are likely numerous SEO and style benefits that make it worth upgrading. Since most CMS programs are free, there is really no reason not to update your existing website to one of these powerful solutions.

Broken Links and Script Errors

Nothing looks worse than a website that pops open a bunch of error messages as soon as it starts up. If your site utilizes Javascript or PHP code, you’ll want to make sure it works with modern browsers and also older ones. For example when users fill out your contact form and click send, are they getting error messages? Web services that break and display error messages or code to the user give an impression of disregard for the customer experience, and will send users elsewhere. Additionally, these types of errors can even expose your site to hackers who can exploit these bugs to gain access to your data. Use any of the free website testing tools available online to see what users experience when arriving at your site.

Staying Competitive

These are just a few of the symptoms of a website desperately in need of a professional website redesign. Users expect modern companies to stay current and provide them with easy to use, intuitive websites and businesses need to turn site visitors into customers. This can’t occur if the website is poorly designed. A professional web design company like LeapGo can take an audit of your existing website to determine whether a redesign is what you need.