5 Super Simple Ways to Keep Marketing when Business Is ALREADY Busy

When business is booming, no one’s complaining. But would it be fair to say that your marketing activities seem to drop the busier you are? You’re not alone. Many businesses end up putting off their marketing activities until they “have time,” which of course never arrives. By doing this, you’re only risking struggling to find new business when things go quiet. The secret, of course, is to continue marketing even when you’re busy. But how?

1. Run Your Emails on Auto

I’ve talked about the email marketing many times before, so I won’t go over it again in detail here. But while setting up and running a successful email marketing campaign takes time and effort (especially if you want to optimize your open rate and CTRs), keeping the campaign running when you are busy with other stuff is relatively easy. After all, once you have an ad campaign, landing page, lead magnet, and autoresponder in place, your email campaign can more or less run itself during those busy times when you cannot give it more attention. Of course, when you do have time, make sure you split test your emails, ads, and landing pages, as well as publish more blogs and share content on your social media accounts to drive more sign-ups in the first place. And even if you don’t have an autoresponder set up, you can still send out quick emails to your list without much effort. Once you have the details of a special offer or a blog post you read that you’d like to share, send a quick, friendly email to your list to keep your name in front of them and continue providing value.

2. Outsource Your Marketing

Outsourcing can really make sense when you don’t have enough time to market regularly yourself. There are two options: Outsource those routine marketing tasks that you don’t have time to do yourself, or outsource to a specialist marketing agency (like us!) that possesses the skills you don’t have. At LeapGo, we are experts in SEO, CRO, and social media marketing, with years of experience. Whether it’s setting up your first SEO campaign or keeping on top of industry changes like the recent updates to AdWords, we keep on top of things so you don’t have to. That way you don’t have to learn it all and keep up to date with all the changes—you just focus on what you’re good at.

3. Always Ask for Referrals

Asking for referrals is super easy, and again it’s one of those things that you can almost do on auto. This is the way that a lot of new business is won (people just love personal recommendations), and it is one of the least time-intensive marketing techniques. Every time you sell a product or close a deal, ask for a referral (or at least a review on a third-party review platform). You can ask in person, or you can send out an autoresponder specifically asking the recipient to share the love. You could even provide a discount or other incentive for referring a friend. Once you are doing this automatically, it won’t matter how busy you are because you can continue to get referrals and reviews without thinking about it.

4. Get a Helping Hand from Specialist Tools

Tools are good. We love tools. And boy, do you have a LOT of options these days! There are tools for SEM, social marketing, product management, PPC, and everything in between. They can save a LOT of time, especially where you can set them up to work on auto so you can be busy on other things.

There’s a seemingly endless list of tools that you can use, but some worth noting include:

  • SEMrush: Compare domains, find out competitors’ strategies, and ensure you stay ahead of the game with your search marketing.
  • Sprout Social: This social media management tool provides a set of tools that help you reach your audience effectively and improve social media engagement.
  • Basecamp 3: Manage all your marketing activities from one place. This tool is essential for teams so you can keep your marketing on schedule.
  • Feedly: Stay on top of all your favorite blogs, then immediately share content with your prospects via email or social media. It takes a few seconds to scan the day’s blogs and share one that looks good.

Simply put, tools allow you to be smarter with your time. So try out the free trials and find out which ones work best for you.

5. Put Aside 10 Minutes a Day

One of the problems with marketing is that you feel like you need lots of time to get something done. Take blogging, that classic activity that so many marketers find hard to keep up regularly. Writing a blog from start to finish can take a few hours or more. You know you haven’t got a few hours free, so you never start. But what if you just gave yourself 10 minutes? You can actually do a lot in 10 minutes. And you can keep up that all-important thing: Momentum. Even if it takes you two weeks to get a blog published, you’re still doing something.

Think of all the little changes you can make in other areas with just a few minutes each day. For example, you could change the headline of your landing page and run a new split test. Or launch another AdWords ad and test it against your existing ones. So try and get into the habit of making use of those little breaks, those 10-minute slots that you can always find time for, and keep up the marketing momentum.

Market the Smart Way

Even when you are really busy, you’re never too busy to market. You can’t be, because marketing is what’s going to bring in all that new business. Have a look through your own marketing activities and see where you can automate them, whether with your emails, your social media posts, your referrals, etc. Then look at ways that you can fit in smaller marketing activities even when you only have a few minutes each day.

If you want some more, HubSpot’s got a huge resource containing time-saving tools, techniques, and tricks that I would recommend scanning through. And of course, if you really want to make use of your time and ensure your marketing is in the best hands possible, we’d love to hear from you.