5 Reasons Why Keywords are Vital

This article is part 1 in a series of 3 articles that explore the key factors that must be understood in order to choose the right keywords for your business. Here’s a list of upcoming articles in this series:

Keywords make the world wide web go aroundOne of the most essential decisions you will make concerning your website or blog is the choice of keywords.  You have probably heard that keywords make the world go around on the World Wide Web, and that is true.  Committing some time to keyword research and analyzing the effectiveness of the keywords that you use plays a great role in the success of your website or blog.

Many website owners and bloggers don’t understand the importance of keywords or they get caught up in the hype and start adding them here and there without using data to logically choose keywords that will be beneficial to their mission.  The first step in creating a keyword campaign is developing an understanding of why keywords create a solid foundation to build on. The following points will educate you in the reasons that keyword research is imperative.  

Well chosen keywords make your website or blog visible.  

Keywords allow the search engines to display your website or blog to browsers based on the words that they use in their search.  Basically, they match shoppers to suppliers.  Just having keywords on your site or blog won’t make a world of difference if you haven’t taken the time to research the keywords to make sure that there is sufficient demand for them.  Competition for the word is also important if you are striving for organic search engine listings.  Keywords or phrases that are in demand with little competition can really make a difference in the number of visitors that view your website or blog. If you’re just starting out, we recommend utilizing your region, like city or area in conjunction with your keywords using a method called local search SEO. (i.e. artisan bread San Fancisco.)

An optimized website or blog saves you money on marketing.

Pay per click advertising is always an option for websites or blogs that don’t get much traffic; however, when you take that route, you are running a very one sided, and possibly expensive marketing strategy.  Planning the content of your site or blog using valuable keywords will produce organic traffic from the search engines.  Paying for traffic in the short-term may be acceptable, but in the long-run it will eat away your profits.  Optimizing your website or blog with well researched keywords will prove to have long term benefits.      

The right keywords bring targeted traffic to your website or blog. 

A steady stream of traffic is always good for a business, but targeted traffic is even better.  By using the right keywords you can pick and choose your audience.  For us, we love high rankings for a popular term like professioanl website but our conversion rates on a more targeted term like BigCommerce custom website design are much higher. Sure the traffic isn’t as high but the audience knows exctly what they’re looking for and is more ready to buy. Someone searching for “professional website” may just be looking for ideas on something they’re creating themselves and have no need for our services.  

Keywords make your website or blog more desirable to advertisers that are favorable to your website or blog visitors.

If you want to sell advertising spots on your website or blog, it is best if the advertisers fit into your target market, but are not direct competitors.  Advertisers are more interested in paying for advertisements on a website or blog that has good traffic based on a keyword that relates to their target market.  Visitors will appreciate such advertising because of their interests.  Common keywords create a “win-win-win” situation. 

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