4 Ecommerce Apps That Increase Your Product Sales and Exposure

Part of our ongoing Ecommerce Update series

As an ecommerce company, you often focus all your efforts on inbound marketing and driving customers to order products through your own site. However, don’t forget your potential buyers are searching so many other websites, such as Amazon, Google Shopping, and eBay. These major shopping networks should not be perceived as competitors; rather they should be seen as contributors to helping you sell more products and gain brand exposure. Below are 4 ecommerce apps for your website that can be implemented in a snap, are cost effective, and well worth getting to know!

Promoting your products through these major shopping channels requires little effort and can generate a significant amount of revenue for your business. How do you properly integrate your products with them? Here are 4 excellent ecommerce apps to try:


Ordoro is the king of inventory management, working seamlessly with ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, 3dCart, and more. As for integrating with shopping networks, it claims Amazon, eBay, Etsy and others. Even its pricing is exceptional, with all packages having equal features and only paying more as your business grows. So you can see how this system satisfies many an ecommerce SMB. By no means is it perfect, but it’s definitely one of the ecommerce apps that we at LeapGo recommend to our clients.


StitchLabsStitch Labs

Stitch Labs is our other favorite ecommerce app and another heavyweight in the online sales and inventory management category. Its list of ecommerce and shopping site integrations is equally impressive making it useful to the majority of ecommerce players. What makes Stitch Labs stand out, in our opinion, is the clear and intuitive interface. Inventory management is a lot of work and any app that can make it a pleasant experience gets accolades from us!


LettuceLettuce App

This app integrates with two of the major ecommerce platforms, Shopify and BigCommerce (Magento and Volusion are coming soon) and also integrates smoothly will major shopping channels like Amazon, eBay and Etsy. To make all these integrations happen, however, you do have to pay a bit more (Tier 2 or 3 only). The app works so well that it recently caught Intuit’s eye who quickly bought it for the tune of some $30 million. Despite the swallow up, the plan is for Lettuce to remain a standalone app helping companies with online inventory management, a relief to many happy small business owners!



Unlike the previous 3 apps that were primarily inventory management tools, GoDataFeed is a comparison shopping submission tool. That explains why it has the most comprehensive roster of integrations: BigCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, Magento, 3dCart, osCommerce, Zen Cart, and 7 others as well as Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Google Shopping, Nextag, Shopzilla, Bing, The Find, Ebates, and way more. In many ways, this app is for the ‘everyman’ and brings the sales in with no questions asked. It’s not the prettiest tool, but when it comes to sales, the functionality is most important.


How do you choose which one to use?

Well if you already have strong inventory management, GoDataFeed is the perfect solution. If you need inventory management along with shopping network integrations, then any of the first 3 will do assuming it works with your store’s ecommerce platform.

It’s important to always be seeking new channels, partners and websites to sell your products. While your own site is an important hub, it’s not the only place to grow your business.

Do you have a favorite ecommerce app for increasing product sales and exposure? Share your thoughts below!