3 Google Chrome plugins I can’t live without.

Google Chrome Plugins

I’ve been waiting for Google Chrome plugins for a long time. So long, in fact, that I’ve set Chrome on the back burner and stopped looking. Well I across a forum post today where someone was talking about Chrome plugins. Sure enough! The waiting is over! So, here’s a short list of the plugins I downloaded immediately. These are so important that they kept me from using Chrome as my main browser.


XMarks Bookmark Sync for Chrome – Easily sync your bookmarks across all your browsers & computers. Even access them from any computer on your own account page. The best bookmark sync I’ve ever used. (Previously knows as FoxMarks.)

SEO Quake

SEO Quake Plugin – I never had an SEO plugin for firefox, mostly because they were too intrusive. I don’t want you taking over my Google results or flashing things about every site I visit. When I want to know, I’ll ask. Enter SEO the latest installment of the SEO Quake Plugin. A nice little banner that sits quietly below your toolbar. When clicked, it gives you a slew of SEO information related to the site your on. Oh, and yes, it will take over your Google results, but you can turn that off in the settings menu. Thats what makes the SEO Quake toolbar a great SEO plugin.

IE Tab

IE Tab – This plugin is a must for anyone who truly wants to use Chrome 100% of the time. InFirefox, I used a plugin called IE view. It was great. In one click you could load any page you were on in IE. IE Tab for Chrome, however, takes it one step further. It actually embeds an IE browser in a Chrome tab! Gadzooks, now that’s cool! Now when I want to go to a site that doesn’t support Chrome (um, Quickbooks Online!), I never have to open an IE window again. Ah, one more step away from the IE teet.

I hope you’ve found my 3 picks interesting and helpful. What’s your favorite Google Chrome Plugin?