3 Easy Ways To Make Facebook’s Edgerank Work For You

facebook edgerank resized 600EdgeRank is a scoring system that determines which of your status updates will appear in a user’s news feed on Facebook.  Scoring high has a lot to with the effectiveness of your marketing efforts if you participate in social media marketing on the largest social network in the world.  With over 800 million Facebook users worldwide, it only makes sense to take advantage of the marketing outlet and to master the scoring system to ensure that it works to your greatest advantage. 

Once upon a time, before the introduction of EdgeRank, most status updates appeared in the news feed of followers or friends.  All you really had to do was to develop a following and post regularly to keep things moving along.  Now, since the introduction of the scoring system, only relevant or popular posts make it to the news feeds.  So, how do you make your status updates thrive to put you ahead of your competition in the social media world?

Just knowing that EdgeRank exists will give you a step up in the game of marketing on Facebook.  It seems that everyone noticed there was a change in the way that the news feed operated, but few are aware of the scoring system and how it works.  Many personal and business users are just frustrated by the change and don’t take the time to look into the reasons for it.  Once everyone gets used to it they will love the fact that they don’t see everything in their news feeds, only things of interest. 

Here are some tips for making your marketing campaign more effective on Facebook:

Tip #1:  Develop a Relationship with Your Followers

Since affinity between the user and the creator is part of the formula engaging with your audience is of upmost importance.  Most business owners just post status updates and fail to follow their audience’s status updates.  Connecting with users is a two way street.  If you show interest in their posts, comment on them, like them, share them, and so forth, they will be more likely to do the same for you.  You will find this two way relationship is beneficial to your social marketing campaign.  Your affinity between yourself and your followers will improve, therefore improving your EdgeRank score.       

Tip #2:  Evoke Responses 

You will benefit from experimenting with a variety of different types of status updates to see which types your audience responds most to.  Response is part of the formula that gives weight to the edge.  Photos and videos seem to hold more weight; however, to get maximum responses appealing to different types of people is a good idea.  In the education industry, there have been numerous studies of multimedia instruction which can be easily translated to sparking attraction in a marketing campaign.  Some people learn from or show interest in text while others are more attracted to audio-visual materials.  Using a variety of media in your status updates will be more appealing to a greater number of people.  Photos, videos, graphics, and animation do well at inducing responses; however, text appeals to readers and asking for responses always holds true.  It is wise to use text posts to share wisdom, ask the users questions and ask for people to share their experiences.  Surveys also draw attention.  Diversity in status updates will encourage likes, comments and sharing thus improving your exposure.      

Tip #3:  Post Regularly

Last but not least, the time factor plays a part in the scoring system.  Newer objects appear in the newsfeeds along with objects with recent responses.  Posting daily is the ideal; however, regular postings are essential.  You will see by viewing your news feed that people who post regularly will show up more often in your feed.  To gain exposure, develop a solid affinity with users, and develop multiple edges that cause your postings to appear in your audience’s news feed, timely participation will prove itself effective.

Raising your EdgeRank score on Facebook is not rocket science.  In fact, it is a pretty simple task.  What is wonderful about the notion is that few people know about the scoring system and therefore they don’t work it to their advantage.  By implementing these tips in your Facebook marketing campaign, your exposure will skyrocket and the benefits will follow.   

How has Facebook’s Edgerank affected you?