10-Hour Flex Blocks

What are they?

In a few words, they’re:  Flexible. Cost-Effective. Convenient.

They’re the perfect way to get a little bit of everything from LeapGo – be it website development, SEO, marketing, or anything else – without having to pick from a standardized package or commit to a monthly recurring retainer.

They’re Super Flexible

Our recurring retainers certainly have their benefits. You know exactly what you’re getting each month and you can plan out your budget accordingly for the entire year.

The challenge is that sometimes you need things done that don’t necessarily fit in a traditional retainer, or your needs vary from month to month. That’s where our 10-Hour Flex Blocks come into play.

As a current client, these are great because you can have hours “in the bank” that you can pull from as needed, whether you have an ongoing retainer or not.

As a new client it’s a perfect, low commitment way to test out LeapGo’s superior services. Our recurring services are always without a long term contract, but the Flex Blocks are a perfect way to let us prove our worth.

What kind of tasks can we do using flex-block time?

Here’s a ‘shortlist’ of ideas:

  • Flex Blocks for Website Development & MarketingDevelop a digital marketing strategy
  • Run a competitive analysis
  • Conduct an SEO audit
  • Make modifications to your website
  • Design a landing page
  • Write blog articles
  • Re-write vital website content
  • Create a white paper
  • Produce an email campaign
  • Setup and manage a social media contest
  • Develop a kick-butt PPC campaign
  • Create an amazing infographic
  • Build a LinkedIn profile
  • and almost anything else your business might need

Save HUGE on Our Already Low Hourly Rate

Our standard agency rate is $175/hour. Considering what our competition charges that’s already an excellent price.

However, when you buy a flex-block, the hourly rate drops to $125. That’s a savings of $500 in just one block!

You Don’t Have to Use it All at Once!

We make the 10-Hour Flex Blocks easy to use so that you get exactly what you want, when you want it.

  • Each 10-Hour Flex Block is valid for up to 1 year from date of purchase.
  • You can use the hours like “store credit” and we pull from them based on when we work on your account.
  • We track our time down to the minute and can provide detailed work reports upon request to show you exactly how your block is being used.

The 10-Hour Flex Blocks fit around your schedule so you never have to stress about squeezing in work when you don’t have time or need it.

Getting Started

If we say it’s convenient, we mean it. You purchase as many blocks as you’d like, we add the time to your account and can get started working on whatever you need whenever you need it.