10-Hour Flex Blocks: The Easy, Flexible Way to Get Stuff Done!

Monthly contracts are useful because you know exactly what you’re getting each month. The only problem is that sometimes you need a little more – an extra blog, or an SEO audit, or a redesigned webpage, or all three – but these one-off items aren’t always included in your contract. That’s why LeapGo has introduced:

10-Hour Flex Blocks

Super easy to use

It’s exactly how it sounds. You get 10 hours of work from LeapGo and you can put it towards anything, be it website development, social media posts, landing page redesign, SEO audits, blog writing, PPC, contest creation, email marketing, and anything else related to your website and digital marketing. It’s an easy way to get things done exactly when you need them done.

Extremely flexible

This is not a contract with tasks set in stone. You get to choose how you want to spend the 10 hours. You can put all 10 to one project or divide it up into a few hours here and a few hours there. You can also use it to do a mix of website development, marketing, SEO or any combination of tasks. There is no right or wrong way to use it; it’s whatever works best for your business. And if your tasks require more hours or you need a refill, you can simply buy another 10-Hour Flex Block!

Valid for up to 1 year

The best part about the 10-Hour Flex Blocks is that you don’t have to use them right away or even within the month you purchase. They are valid for up to 1 year from the date of purchase so you can use 2 hours today, 5 hours next month, and the final 3 hours a few months after that. It’s completely up to you!

Cost-effective strategy

Because you’re buying a block of time, in this case 10 full hours, we give you a deal so you get more bang for your buck. The hourly rate drops from $150 to $105 – a great cost savings! That means you get 10 hours for just $1050, saving you $450 off our standard rate for that time.

Perfect for everyone

The 10-Hour Flex Blocks are available to current customers who want to supplement their contracts, as well as new customers who want to test out LeapGo’s expert skills.

Getting started with 10-Hour Flex Blocks is easy.