10 Easy Things That Will Immediately Improve Your Website

web design tips resized 600Though you may spend time each day maintaining your website, you are likely to miss things that might be turning visitors away. There are some simple things you can do to keep visitors coming back; there may be no need for a complete redesign of your site.

1. Be easy to contact. Demonstrating that you are trustworthy often requires you to feel vulnerable. Every website, especially if it is one that sells products or services, should have a contact page. It should include an email address at the very least so that people can ask questions about the services.

2. Analyze the way you address your readers. If your website is casual, do not talk to users as if they are employees. Tune in to your audience and consider the kind of language that your audience will expect you to use. Ask yourself, what kind of tone would I expect to see here? Change any pieces of text that do not address the reader appropriately.

3. Remove sound that starts automatically. Anything that makes noise as soon as the page opens is going to annoy users. Be on the lookout for advertisements on your page that automatically play audio. Remember that some of your website’s readers use the internet at work or in other public locations and will not welcome the intrusion.

4. Format walls of text. Look at your website and edit any pieces of text that are wordy or look like big walls of text. Separate these walls of text by adding bullet points or numbered lists. Even bolding some parts of text will break up the reading for readers who might be otherwise intimidated. If you want your message to make an impact, you first have to entice people to read it.

5. Analyze search terms that lead to your site. Use an analytical tool to determine what leads internet users to your website. Not only can these terms inspire more content, but they can also help you analyze whether or not people are finding what they hope to find on your site. Ask yourself if there are ways you can help people get answers to the questions they have, making them more likely to visit again.

6. Consider the placement of advertisements. Users typically understand the need to have advertisements but that does not mean that they should be inconveniencing. Put them to the side of the page, out of the way. They should not detract from the site’s content.

7. Start a blog. Write posts about topics related to your website. Be personal and create a brand for your website. Blog readers can easily subscribe to posts and can provide feedback by posting comments. Use blogging as a way to engage users who would be passive otherwise.

8. Create an ‘About Us’ page. This page should discuss the history of the business or the person who runs the page, if it is a personal site. If your website is a store, you should use the page to discuss experience and services.

9. Let readers search your site. Consider adding a search engine to your website, somewhere it will be easy to find. Don’t make users browse through all your content to find what they are looking for. This will make your website functional and user-friendly.

10. Create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If you begin to receive emails that ask questions, use these to build content for the FAQ page, as others may have similar questions.

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  • If you are hoping to sell products/services online, you should try to keep the checkout simple. Remove any wording which can cause someone to over-think their shopping experience. 
    A good example of this is to keep your terms and conditions on their own page, along with other important disclaimers and policies. If your customers need that information, they should be able to find it easily. Just don’t volunteer it during the checkout process.

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