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At LeapGo, our core strength is website development and website design and no other agency does it like us. Whether you want to redesign your company website or identify ecommerce solutions, our team of experienced professionals will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.
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Much more than a website design company, LeapGo offers expert consultation to help you understand and maneuver the constantly changing world of online marketing. Our no-nonsense approach to an integrated digital marketing strategy is designed to make a real impact on your business.
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LeapGo drives quality, high-volume traffic to your website and increases your search engine exposure with its specialized blog writing service. Our unique approach equips your blog with original eye-catching content and a lucrative ongoing content strategy that adds to your bottom line.
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  • How Strong Is My Content? Questions to Ask Before Sharing

    How Strong Is My Content? Questions to Ask Before Sharing

    You just spent a week creating the ultimate content piece to share with your customers. You think it’s amazing. But will your audience think the same? You can’t really tell until you’ve taken a step back and confronted your piece as an objective bystander. Any good content creator will review his or her work with scrutiny before sharing. The questions listed here will help you come to the conclusion on how good your content really is. Do my customers need this? The number one most important aspect of any marketing campaign is your audience. Will your content answer their questions? Is it the right season? Will it add value to a phase in their purchasing lifecycle? If you didn’t confirm all this before you started writing, then what was the point of creating it? Does it say something new, unique, or compelling? Regurgitation is the worst. If your customers have…
  • Will EMV Chip Cards Improve Ecommerce Security?

    Will EMV Chip Cards Improve Ecommerce Security?

    The United States is the one of the final holdouts of EMV payment cards – the chip-based debit and credit cards currently used in Europe and much of the world. Come 2015, that will begin to change as Europay, Mastercard and Visa (hence the name EMV) pressure merchants and acquirers into making the switch en masse. Why the push for a change in card payment method? The United States is ripe with fraud from stolen and counterfeit magnetic stripe cards. According to Nilson Report, businesses lost $11.27 billion to card fraud in 2012 and the US accounted for 47% of all global fraud while only processing 24% of payments by volume. The computerized chip technology within EMV cards increases security and mitigates fraud significantly because each transaction involves a unique cryptogram that’s too difficult or expensive to fake. Brick-and-mortar retailers who use chip-and-PIN terminals can quickly legitimize purchases in store…
  • The Danger of Average

    The Danger of Average

    Did you know that on average your Facebook posts reach only 16% of your Facebook fans? Source Or that the average business email has an open rate of 20.68% and a click rate of 3.18%? Source Or that B2B websites convert an average 1.6% of search traffic leads? Source I bet you probably saw one of those numbers and sent it over to someone on your team before you even finished reading this sentence. Or you looked at the numbers and thought, “My business hasn’t achieved that yet. I’m obviously doing something wrong.” And therein lies the danger of average. Everyone is always claiming, "average this" and "average that", but the truth is that average is a death trap for businesses. You could spend your entire day poring over and analyzing those all-encompassing averages, but you’re barking up the wrong tree. It’s time to pull your head out of your……
  • Overcome Google Panda – 10 SEO Best Practices You Need to Know

    Overcome Google Panda – 10 SEO Best Practices You Need to Know

    Admit it. You either got bruised by Google Panda 4.0 or heard about everyone who did and are trying to stay ahead of the game so you don’t get bruised by the next one. Sometimes it seems like you live in fear of algorithm updates, but you shouldn’t have to. By changing your mindset and making the right moves now, you can set up your websites so that you’re confident and unfazed. The goal is not to beat or trick Google at is own game. The goal is to be rewarded through intelligent techniques. Google should be seen as a facilitator, not an inhibitor and your customers should be the lucky recipients of all your hard work. To help you get on track, we’ve put together a new white paper that details the top 10 on-page SEO best practices. I guarantee you'll find some new ideas to help increase your…
  • How to Find Magento Go & Prostores Alternatives After They Shut Down

    How to Find Magento Go & Prostores Alternatives After They Shut Down

    Part of our ongoing Ecommerce Update series On February 1, 2015, two major ecommerce platforms will be shutting down operations: Magento Go, the easy-to-use merchant platform from Magento, and Prostores, the ecommerce solution from eBay. Any small or mid-size business using either of these online platforms will be forced to make a big decision about what to do next. We’re here to help. What’s my first step? Before you make any rash decisions and jump ship to another platform, take some time to think about what’s best for the future of your online business. Remember, you have plenty of months to make any transition, meaning you have plenty of time to plan and execute appropriately. You’ll want to choose a new vendor that will be able to handle your future plans. So ask yourself: Are you growing? Adding lots of new products? Require new functionality? Research all the platforms, find…